Zach is an accomplished songwriter, multi-instramentalist & vocalist.


Follwing the success of his band Rebel and a Basketcase (a musical collaboration with Evan Rachel Wood), Zach started the Speaker Cat Records label and  settled into the LA music scene. His latest venture Sorry Kyle released their debut EP in 2018, showcasing Zach's rock , punk, and emo roots. Cultivating a sense of belonging in the LA music community is his passion.

This year Zach debueted the first single from his solo project, entitled 'Revovler,' pushing into a new sonic art-rock territory reminiscent of artists such as St. Vincent and Miguel.

When he isn't working with Sorry Kyle  or producing for himself, Zach is collaborating with local L.A. bands (bianca gisselle, sazzie xo, heather cole, The Colour Coast, to name a few)  as a hired gun, Musical Director, writer, adviser, etc.


He has sung with the LA Philharmonic in Frank Zappa's 200 Motels & is part of the For the Record family, having performed in Las Vegas and Los Angeles productions of BAZ and Dear John Hughes, respectively.

Long live rock and roll.




Zach's original tune My Day 

Zach Villa performs Like a Virgin as Zidler in BAZ Vegas

Zach performing Love Ya, live, with Cylvia at The Other Door