I must say, I never thought I’d be here.

Well, that’s not entirely true, let me start over: I’ve thought I would be “here,” many, many times over. I’ve dreamed about it, believed in it, and worked hard for it. I left my hometown and my family behind for it; trained for it; deprived myself of food and sleep for it. I went not altogether unwillingly into both emotional and financial debt to pursue the artist’s path, and frankly I don’t have a completely rational or justified reason as to why. I’ve just always felt that it was my calling in life to punish myself and my concerned loved ones’ consciences in service of self-expression, storytelling, and the act of creating something from nothing. - Read Full Interview By Clicking Button Below - 


Zach Villa—a lead on cult show American Horror Story: 1984–has shared his latest single “Revolver” since going solo. Previously of Rebel and a Basketcase, Villa has had a prolific hand in his relocation to Los Angeles: starting the label Speaker Cat Records and releasing the debut EP of his latest band Sorry Kyle. But “Revolver” is the emphatic exclamation point on this new chapter for Villa, with the singer finding a darker mix of tones to play with. - Read Full Review By Clicking Button Below - 


On Wednesday night, TV viewers tuned in to watch the premiere of American Horror Story: 1984, the ninth season of Ryan Murphy's still-buzzy horror anthology series. Among those seeing the episode for the first time was actor Zach Villa—despite the fact that Villa just so happens to have a major role this season. "Oh, I was watching with the rest of America," he said over the phone the morning after. "It was pretty wild. You never know what the editors are going to do."

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As the infamous Night Stalker, Iowa-born actor Zach Villa is a chaotic evil in the latest series of American Horror Story. Entitled AHS: 1984, the show plays off the hopes and tropes of the 1980s, incorporating elements from films like Friday the 13th and Halloween into a spine-tingling thrill ride. The chief villain of the series is Villa’s Richard Ramirez, a reality-based serial killer set on making the lead characters’ lives a living hell — quite literally. - Read Full Interview By Clicking Button Below - 


“Revolver” is a very unique song for me in that the lyrics were written in a stream of consciousness. This isn’t atypical for me per se, but when it happens it is usually an indication of a very special song. I think it’s about a lot of things for me, as I don’t particularly like telling other people what a song is about for them. Whatever they hear or interpret is truthful for them and that’s important. I think there are darker themes that explore change in there, but honestly, it’s not for me to decide for the listener. That’s not my place.

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Zach Villa sits in a conference room armed with nothing but a cup of coffee (medium roast, splash of almond milk) and a glass of water. “This is medicinal, so I can awaken,” he nods toward the coffee, then turns to the water. “This is therapeutic, so I can stay hydrated.”

Both are crucial in the midst of a whirlwind couple of months. This past June he auditioned for an anonymous role on an anonymous show. It went well: In July, he was being welcomed into the storied Ryan Murphy fold. Filming for American Horror Story: 1984 began dominating his schedule not long after. 

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Zach Villa joined the Ryan Murphy family this year with his role on “American Horror Story: 1984,” the ninth installment of the FX anthology series. And boy is this part a killer one — literally. Villa portrays notorious real-life serial killer Richard Ramirez a.k.a. the Night Stalker, a man who terrorized Los Angeles in the ’80s and was convicted of thirteen counts of murder in 1989.

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